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Hi I am Susan, I completed by degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT and started my career as an assistant designer in a leading fashion house in Mumbai. It was here I learnt about fashion accessories and jewellery. Being a mom of two, shuffling between work and home become an ordeal. After my boys joined school I decided to pursue my interest. I decided to work from home. After trying out various home based businesses, I realized the importance to putting in more effort and commitment towards my work. 

Over the years, my blog has become a premier source of information for Handmade Jewellery Ideas & Business tips. We discuss key issues on the importance of handmade jewellery business. Apart from myself, there are other volunteers who offer their knowledge and insights on how to start a handmade jewellery business. They also share their success and failures. When it comes to handmade jewellery small business, this blog has turned out to be an exclusive focus on small businesses. 

My mission statement is to list resources for handmade jewellery business. I also shared valuable inputs on social media sites and encourage users to comment on the subject. My aim is to create a large community with specific interest on handmade jewellery and create a marketplace for the same. I am also planning to organize exhibitions to promote handmade jewellery to create business opportunity for home makers and starters in the field. The website is created with the sole aim to support an interest in handmade jewellery business.

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Types Of Exclusive Handmade Jewellery In India

There is a broad connection between the Indian culture and tradition. The love for jewellery among women ranges back from ancient eras. India is known for its perfect and executive craftsmanship of jewellery especially those that are handmade. A visit to can give you more information about the art of handmade jewellery. Let us go through the intricate and beautiful jewellery types loved by women of India.
Antique jewellery: This type of jewellery was adorned by women of ancient ages. For a few decades, this kind of jewellery was out of fashion and was not preferred by women. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this antique jewellery came into existence again and nowadays, there is quite a craze for antique jewellery.
Bead jewellery: Diamond and silver jewellery is in vogue these days, but even then, people prefer gold ornaments during functions like weddings and engagements. Bead jewellery dates back to the era of Indu…

Handmade Jewellery - Making Your Own Ethnic Jewellery

Began doing this handcrafted jewellery class in January, as one of my New Year resolutions. All that can be said is  that I am really carrying it through, and I have to say it feels fantastic. Up to now I have crafted a copper ring as well as a copper and brass pendant. The ring was easy to make, with a little hammering but the pendant took me three courses to finish. 
Copper bangle This week I am going to be trying my hand at a bangle. Tomorrow, I have already cut out the metal and warmed through the metal and certainly will begin twisting it into shape. Making handcrafted jewellery demands a lot of hard work. It gets easier once you understand what you do but it is also quite healing wearing more particularly and jewellery ethnic jewellery designs which you have handcrafted yourself. When clients respect my ring and pendant and inquire where I got it, I can not tell you how I swell with pride when I say, "I made it myself". They generally cannot believe that it's jewe…

Tips To Establishing An Handmade Jewellery Business

Housewives and youngsters are passionate about starting a small business by making some handmade products. Handmade jewellery is quite popular in the recent years. People love to wear handmade jewels as it looks creative and unique. There are various things to be considered when you wish to establish a handmade jewellery business. It requires a lot of planning so that the business offers greater benefits for your future. The article below discusses on some of the basics to be followed when establishing a handmade jewellery business of your own.
Starting Your Business
The first step is that you should be aware of the required materials for creating beautiful handmade ornaments. You can make them by yourself, or you can procure them from suppliers. You can search on the internet to find some reliable suppliers who sell beads, golden wires, pearls, and other materials required for the making of handmade jewellery. Next, see that you have the necessary tools to make handmade ornaments. No…