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Rewards and Personalities of Hand Created Jewellery


To define jewellery “handmade” is only when the piece of jewellery is entirely manufactured right from forming the raw material to shaping the jewellery by hand. Here the usage of machine is nil and it is considered the oldest form of Jewellery making. Though it’s the oldest it has been debated around a lot in the recent past, as people don’t believe its Hand made unless seen with their own eyes.

The Major difference between handmade and hand crafted is that in Hand crafted uses designs created using computer is then printed into a 3D mold, which is then cast into the required metal by hand and then the precious stones are set by hand too. So there is a mix of both machine and hand.

Handmade Jewellery Methodology

 The following processes are followed in a systematic pattern to achieve precision and great quality that can be brought out only when it’s entirely handmade.

  • Metal Casting
 By casting Sheets or small bars or wires at first and then with the help of some hand tools such as Saw, hammers, rolling mill, file and solder, the raw cast piece is turned into a complete product. In case of mass production of the same jewellery, a cast mould is created so that it allows producing more number at a time, thus decreasing the time taken to produce many.

  • The Design
 The vitality of each design depends on aesthetics, cost of raw material, what would be the selling price, production time, etc. Above all the fine details of the design play a major role in the hands of the designer. The design is drawn again and again till it reaches perfection before the production process starts, as no compromise on quality should be made.

Mass Significance – Metal and Precious Stones 

  • Metal’s Weight
 The first thought that crosses every customers mind is “what would be the weight of this beautiful piece?”. It is but important for customers every sense be satisfied before the piece of jewellery is purchased apart from just its beauty and quality. The uniqueness about handmade jewellery is that it can be made as light in weight as possible in comparison to the ones mass-produced using cast moulds.

  • Choosing the Right Gemstone
 Each and every handmade jewellery has its gemstones hand picked personally; hence there is a specialization and no conciliation in the quality of the stone. Even the design in which the stone will be placed is dealt with care when handmade irrespective of the design being authentic or modern. It is to be noted that each gemstone’s Cut, Color and Clarity is very important regardless of the grading.

  • Gemstone Placement
Though technology might have taken over the work of a stone setter, the excellence is nowhere close to setting it by hand in the traditional method. But there are jewelers who still follow setting precious stones by hand using a method called the Micro Pave. This method allows the use of a microscope which has a 25x magnification, where the precision of setting is at its highest.


Handmade Jewellery – The Finale 

A selected number of wooden sticks wrapped in emery paper are used to finish the jewellery as this keeps the surfaces and the set stone intact and flat. It is very important to polish and complete the product. For this, the jewellery will be primarily sanded with lowering grades of emery paper, so as to give it a smooth and fine finish. As a final step the jewellery is treated with a polishing compound, which gives the final elegant product.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, it is also important to understand that handmade jewellery helps support local artisans in turn helping local economy and having something unique in hand when purchased. Thus the tradition of handmade jewellery is returning in a ballistic way in all parts of the world giving its culture and tradition a new life


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