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How To Make A Pendant Or Necklace At Home?

Let us discuss how to create a lovely homemade necklace. It is definitely an inexpensive gift when compared to jewelry you purchase and give as a gift. It helps you develop your imagination and creativity skills to create a truly original masterpiece. You can select from numerous kinds of pendants and beads to develop a unique and personal set of homemade jewelry. Before starting to make one of the homemade necklaces, you need to spend some time in learning or revising the basics of creating a necklace. You can use this as a reference guide before starting your necklace project.  Certain jewelry findings will be small, and it is hard to find how they have created the jewelry piece. You need to find the technique behind to create the jewelry. Check several photos and videos to get some knowledge about the technique the creators have used. Hanging a pendant: It is possible to fix the pendants to your jewelry in various ways. Several pendants come with a loop, and some
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Ancient History Of Handmade Jewellery That You Must Know

Handmade Jewellery was popular even in the ancient days. In the earlier days, some natural materials like shell, animal teeth, and bones were mainly used for making jewellery. In the past, there was no machinery to manufacture jewels, and it was only handmade. Skilled artisans and jewelry making professionals crafted the antique handmade jewelry. Here you would know about the ancient history of handmade jewelry. Symbol Of Status In the ancient days wearing handmade jewelry is considered as a symbol of status. In Egypt and China, handmade jewelry was a sign of rank. It was believed that only rich people could own handmade jewellery as it was expensive. This is because the raw materials used for the making of handmade jewellery were quite expensive. Religious Element In ancient days the handmade jewellery was considered as a sacred element in several temples and historic buildings. It was used as a decorative element for deities in temples. Valuable handmade jewellery w

Secrets Behind Inimitable Handmade Jewellery Stay New

Just owning the most unique piece of handmade jewellery is not enough by tearing down the Internet, craft exhibitions, Corner Boutiques etc., but its is also imperative to make sure it is taken good care of the way that specific piece of jewellery should be. Every handmade jewellery shopaholic sees whether the piece matches all requirements such as the length of the dangle, Precision of the stones and enamel work, whether or not the piece would suit the dresses one has. Many people buy the jewellery, just for the love of it and then do not take any measures to care for them thus making the piece unstable within a few times of wearing them. It is very important to understand that this piece of handmade jewellery is delicate and taking a few extra measures to take good care of them will let them sustain and wearable for number of years to come. Keep-Safe Jewellery Jewellery when not maintained and just thrown under a draw would only lead to tangling and damage once in

Tips To Start Your Own Handmade Jewellery Home Business

People today wish to start their own business to earn money. Starting a business at home is a dream of most of the woman as they can take care of their family and business at the same time. People who are interested in arts, craft making, etc. can very well start a small handmade jewellery business. Just start out by gifting your friends and selling your works to neighbors. Then you can transform your hobby as a business. The following tips would help to venture out a home-based handmade jewellery business. Improve Your Skills For some handmade jewellery making would be a hobby and they would have done it just for fun. When you decide to continue it as a business, make sure that you hone your skills. There are several online tutorials where you can learn about handmade jewellery making. If you’re a professional designer, then you can very well kick start your business. But beginners must improve their skills before they establish their business.  Fixing Price This is

Rewards and Personalities of Hand Created Jewellery

To define jewellery “handmade” is only when the piece of jewellery is entirely manufactured right from forming the raw material to shaping the jewellery by hand. Here the usage of machine is nil and it is considered the oldest form of Jewellery making. Though it’s the oldest it has been debated around a lot in the recent past, as people don’t believe its Hand made unless seen with their own eyes. The Major difference between handmade and hand crafted is that in Hand crafted uses designs created using computer is then printed into a 3D mold, which is then cast into the required metal by hand and then the precious stones are set by hand too. So there is a mix of both machine and hand. Handmade Jewellery Methodology   The following processes are followed in a systematic pattern to achieve precision and great quality that can be brought out only when it’s entirely handmade. Metal Casting   By casting Sheets or small bars or wires at first and then with the help of s
Jewelry making is a profitable business. However, your skill level or motivation let it be, setting up a business in jewelry making comes along with a set of complications and considerations. You have to decide which kind of jewelry you are interested in: fashion or fine or in-between? Each type has its own production processes, price, materials and customer profiles.  The fashion jewelry should be trendy for the trendsetting or everyday customer. It should be made of inexpensive materials and metals such as plated metal, bead, synthetic gems, wire etc. The fine jewelry is made of semi-precious and precious gems and metals. Fine jewelry is made with excellent craftsmanship, higher price and used for wedding, luxury or special occasion. The in-between category covers the mid-range materials to jewelry defined as craft or art and emphasis on uniqueness and design. The price point differs but is usually in the mid-range segment.  Finding design inspiration for jewelry making

Experts tips for making beautiful bracelets of all the types

The jewelry designer who creates all the varieties of bracelets combines wire, beads, ribbon and leather along with several techniques which include stringing, bead weaving and wire working. You can use a bunch of different components such as pearls, crystals, seed beads and glass teardrop and combine it into a bracelet.  Most jewelry designers worry about the color combinations. You can combine three types with two-hole bead shape and create a fantastic cuff. Heaps of bracelets are always very fashionable. It’s is very quick, easy to make the bracelet and it looks great. You can use ribbon along with the different artist-made bead. Ribbons are available in several colors and patterns. The ribbon material is comfortable and soft against the skin.  Mixing different metals makes the bracelet look unique  One of the biggest challenges in making the bracelet is to fit precisely. It will fall from the hand if it is too large and the clasp doesn’t close if it is too small