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Experts tips for making beautiful bracelets of all the types


The jewelry designer who creates all the varieties of bracelets combines wire, beads, ribbon and leather along with several techniques which include stringing, bead weaving and wire working. You can use a bunch of different components such as pearls, crystals, seed beads and glass teardrop and combine it into a bracelet. 

Most jewelry designers worry about the color combinations. You can combine three types with two-hole bead shape and create a fantastic cuff. Heaps of bracelets are always very fashionable. It’s is very quick, easy to make the bracelet and it looks great. You can use ribbon along with the different artist-made bead. Ribbons are available in several colors and patterns. The ribbon material is comfortable and soft against the skin. 

beautiful bracelets
Mixing different metals makes the bracelet look unique 

One of the biggest challenges in making the bracelet is to fit precisely. It will fall from the hand if it is too large and the clasp doesn’t close if it is too small. Choose a kind of a classic shape which fits a large range of waist sizes. Combine several lamp-work flowers with multiple silver spikes, it looks awesome and gives out the bold jewelry design. Mix various metals such as rose gold rings, yellow gold and sterling silver. This gives a striking look for jewelry. It’s easy to make jewelry for any occasions like prom or wedding. It is a bit tough to make the everyday bracelets.

A simple silver or copper piece looks fabulous with any outfit. Chain bracelet with classic silver is one of the instant daily favorites for everyone. You can use the leftover small pieces of wire and beads that were used in previous jewelry project, and create random beads in the bracelet. All the wire jewelry designs need precision. The easy way to make the bracelet is with the leather cuff. Use these tips, grab your own inspiration and start making beautiful beading. 


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