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You can flip the book of history to even thousands of years, and the one thing you will find in each era is jewellery. From the pharaohs of the old to the queens of the present, jewellery has been an ingrained part of life. What does differ is the style of it, the material of it, when it is worn and how it is worn. For us, the love affair with jewellery began with this consuming past. 
We started diving into each period of time and learning about their jewellery. Soon, the hobby turned into a full-time passion, and before we knew it, 800necklace was born. Interestingly, the name of the website is a tribute to the 800th necklace we make by our own two hands. Yes, along with absorbing the gorgeous and eye-opening history of jewellery, we dabbled in making them on the side.
With a fount of knowledge and data in our heads, we decided it was time to let the world benefit from it. To accomplish this goal, we created this platform.  If you flip through the site, you will find detailed information on topics such as:
  •   How to make unique handmade jewellery
  •   How to set up a handcrafted jewellery business
  •   Where to get new ideas for jewellery
  •   What to do to find exceptional designs for handmade jewellery
We talk about it all, from why the consumer of today loves handmade jewellery to how to sell it online and turn a profit.  When your well of ideas for jewellery for women dries up, this is the site you need to hop to. When you want guidance on establishing a handmade jewellery business, this is the website you should swing by. 
You’ll find the A to Z of unique handmade jewellery in here. We hope you find it as much fun as we did while making it!

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Handcrafted jewellery appeared to have faded away with machine made decorations taking through the whole business, in recent years. Yet, recently folks are waking to the uncommon jewellery that's crafted by artisans working with their hands. A jewellery store with no section that is handcrafted looks practically incomplete and more and more red carpet is turning out to be crafted. Actually, the attractiveness of such decorations is really substantial, such that many folks are selecting it for special events instead of picking machine-made decorations out. Gold and platinum items are a hot favourite as jewellery-manufacturing machines are largely crafting silver ornaments. This is because silver jewellery is cost effective and moulding it by hand does add to the price of production. Over and above the singularity of hand crafted decorations, their many edges additionally bring investors and buyers equally towards these pieces of fine jewellery. The benefits of handcraft

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When you want to start a jewelry designing and selling business, then you must take some measures before things got underway. You will have to think of a name for your company. At the same time, you will have to make sure that no other brand is registered under a similar trade name. You may also opt for trademark registration online if you want to ensure that other jewelers do not copy your brand name. If you already have a business, then it is best that you fulfill all the mandatory legal compliances. Getting your business incorporated You can get a trademark registered under your name, but it is more prudent to set up a company for this purpose. If your pieces of jewelry are handmade, then their copyright and trademark registration is doubly vital. Other jewelers can violate your intellectual property rights if you fail to get your products copyrighted. You must get in touch with an intellectual property lawyer to handle the process of copyrighting your creations.

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