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Simple Yet Unique Handmade Jewellery Ideas

Handmade jewellery is the current trend in fashion world. Woman especially youngster love to wear handmade jewellery like beaded ornaments, wooden bangles, threaded earrings etc. The popularity of the handmade jewellery is due to the various colours and unique style of the ornaments. There are several online tutorials and resources on the internet on unique and creative handmade jewellery ideas. This article lists some of the unique handmade jewellery techniques and ideas.

Beading Techniques

Bead jewellery is an all-time favourite of young girls. People love it for the various colours and attractiveness. Bead jewellery is a perfect accompaniment with any fashionable and traditional outfits. People who wish to try out handmade jewellery can very well start with the making of beaded jewellery. Stringing is the basic technique to be followed in beaded jewellery. A string is primary stuff required to weave the beads. Learn to make the right connections using the string findings.  You can make use of split rings, jump rings, crimp beads for the connections. The beads that you use can be crystal, pearls, clay, gemstone etc.

Crocheting Techniques

Crocheting type of handmade ornament looks beautiful and attractive. Assemble the beads using a wire or thread in a pattern of your choice. Now make a slip knot and perform crocheting along with the beads.

Peyote Stitching

It is a popular handmade jewellery technique done with beaded jewellery. In this, the beads are stitched in rows and columns. This gives an attractive pattern for the handmade ornaments that you make. Seed beads are mainly used for peyote stitching. You can also make use of other types of beads.

Wire Jewellery

Beginners can make use of copper or brass wires for practising wire jewellery. You can make use of precious metal wires after you have gained enough experience in the making of wire jewellery. You may require the right type of jewellery pliers for handling different types of wires. The use of jump rings is indispensable in wire jewellery making.

Beaded Charm Bracelets

Make use of a stretchy cord of nearly 12''. You can add some beautiful beads of the same colour or different colours into the cord. Make a knot and join the cord using a jump ring.

Turquoise Bracelets

You may need a strand of some turquoise beads and a leather cord for the making of handmade turquoise bracelets. Take a leather cord of the required size and strand the turquoise beads onto it. You can make use of thin silver wire for holding the turquoise beads.

Leather Earrings

Cut out the desired design of the earring using leather of various colours. Paint the designs on the leather of your desired choice. Make use of pliers to assemble the leather earring.

Gemstone Tassel Necklace

This is a trendy and straightforward handmade necklace that can be done as a DIY handmade ornament. You need a gemstone and gemstone connector. A leather necklace would be ideal for this ornament. Use a gemstone connector to connect the leather necklace with the gemstone of any color of your choice.

These are some of the unique and creative handmade jewellery ideas for beginners who are passionate towards handmade jewellery.

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