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Types Of Exclusive Handmade Jewellery In India

There is a broad connection between the Indian culture and tradition. The love for jewellery among women ranges back from ancient eras. India is known for its perfect and executive craftsmanship of jewellery especially those that are handmade. A visit to can give you more information about the art of handmade jewellery. Let us go through the intricate and beautiful jewellery types loved by women of India.

Antique jewellery:
This type of jewellery was adorned by women of ancient ages. For a few decades, this kind of jewellery was out of fashion and was not preferred by women. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this antique jewellery came into existence again and nowadays, there is quite a craze for antique jewellery.

Bead jewellery:
Diamond and silver jewellery is in vogue these days, but even then, people prefer gold ornaments during functions like weddings and engagements. Bead jewellery dates back to the era of Indus valley civilization. The creative artisans crafted beads out of gold, silver, wood, ivory, copper and clay.

Tribal jewellery:
This kind of jewellery is handmade and gives a rustic vibe. These ornaments are made of bone, wood, clay, shells and raw metal. These ornaments are heavy. Their size is also massive.

Temple jewellery:
This kind of jewellery was used to adorn the Gods and Goddesses. Classical dancers also use  temple jewellery to give the traditional vibe. The designs are inspired by sculptures and carvings that are seen only in ancient temples.

Stone jewellery:
Stone jewellery is worn by both men and women. Stones are given to a person based on his/her astrological chart and the position of his/her ruling planet. They are known to bring luck, wealth and health. There are other kinds of stones also like rubies, jades, emeralds etc.

Pachchikam jewellery:
This jewellery originated from Gujarat. The myth that low-class people use silver jewellery is entirely a trash and women all over love silver jewellery and their enchanting designs. Galas, nose pins and anklets are in the trend.

Navrathna jewellery:
All the nine stones are included in the ornament and crafted; they are rare and expensive. They are also known to bring luck as per astrology.

Meenakari jewellery:
This jewellery is the handwork of Rajasthan artists who make ornaments of bright coloured materials. The credit of this jewellery goes to the king Mansingh who ruled Rajasthan.

Ivory jewellery:
This kind of jewellery is made from the tusk of the elephants. In Gujarat, it is a must for brides to adorn this jewellery during weddings. Its intrinsic beauty lies in the carvings, and experienced craftsmanship is required for crafting this kind of jewellery.

Kundan jewellery:
Mughals of Rajasthan introduced this jewellery and bangles made of Lac which are quite popular among the women.

Filigree jewellery:
The raw material used is silver and a lot of patience is required in carving and making this type of jewellery.

Custom jewellery:
This jewellery is made on the personal requirement by the designers. People can specify their choice of material and design. According to a recent survey undertaken by Online diamond jewellery stores, handmade designs are found to have more value than machine made ones.
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