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Handmade Jewelry - Bridal makeup essentials

Handmade Jewelry - Bridal makeup essentials

It is challenging to know what products are suitable for everyday routine. If you are thinking to pamper your skin before the wedding, it is necessary to use the best products and beauty regimen. While packing the makeup kit, ensure to pick handmade jewelry for brides.
How to Plan and Start a Wedding Beauty Regimen ?

A top bridal makeup artist in Chennai shares about her favorite skin, makeup and hair care products for the future brides in this blog.
Image Shows that a Beautiful Bride wear a set of Bangles
Handmade Indian Jewelry: It is well known the Indian jewelry is popular for its stunning design and intricate craftsmanship. Every state has its exclusive style of combining latest designs with semi-precious and precious metals and stones.
Are you wondering why these jewelry are always most preferred in the market? They are hand manufactured by experienced craftsman who spends weeks and days to develop a beautiful piece that bears evidence to the rich handcraft legacy of the country. A jewelry collection is definitely incomplete if it does not have any handmade jewelry and each piece has a story behind.
The Mehendi function is one of the important occasions organized as part of the wedding ceremony. You can see a lot of attractive colors such as olives, green, pinks and yellow that makes the occasion vibrant.
Gota jewelry and fresh floral jewelry are recent trends. These are the best options, especially for the Mehendi ceremony. Every bride should try this latest trendy jewels to look elegant and attractive.
Such latest jewelry comes in numerous patterns with various plastic flowers and different stones. It is also combined with natural flowers in certain cases. Bangles, Maang Tikka, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Passa, and almost everything is created in Gota.
The best part of Gota jewelry is it can be modified as per your requirement and taste. It
Image of a Indian Wedding Bride who Hide her Face which shows her shyness
is not like costume jewelry. It is possible to order the jewelry according to the colors that suit your dress.
Gota jewelry is the best option than any other jewelry, especially for wedding bridal function. It is vibrant, bright and also available in different textures and colors.
Full Gota sets: As the jewelry can be customized as per your garment’s shade, you canalso mix and match with contrast colors. It helps in giving a vibrant and bold look. Baju band, earrings, maang tikka, neckpiece, etc. are completely created in gota work. If you mix and match pearls, it will look better. Some brides ensure to get their jutti also in the same combination.
Gota bangles: During the Mehendi ceremony, you can give an elegant appearance by wearing bangles of various shapes and designs. Green and yellow are the best colors for the Mehendi function. It is possible to match these colors as per your accessories and dress. If you have thick bangles, it can be mixed along with bangles with floral motifs.
Flower inserts: We have seen brides using small fake flower buds along with their accessories. But when you are wearing Gota sets, you can combine with real flowers. You need to take extra care to make it look attractive and fresh for a long time.
Bridal set: Nowadays, mirror work is also getting popular in Gota jewelry set. It shares a unique and vibrant look. Pom balls are created in numerous colors and look great when used along with other jewelry.
Antique coin jewelry: It always tops the list for all wedding seasons. Antique jewelry decorated with coins gives a touch of opulent and glamour to your look. As the trend is versatile, it is necessary to purchase a few pieces of antique jewelry and add to the collection.
Antique coin jewelry
Pearls: Pearls are versatile and classic and display an aura of complexity which is not possible to see in other jewelry. Though diamonds get close, however, their bling makes overall look glamorous than sophisticated.
The elegant hook earrings in flower patterns and pink curly earrings help to enhance your overall look with its extraordinary beauty.   
Other essential things to include in your wedding makeup kit are makeup primer, foundation, setting powder, wedding mascara, concealer kit, bronzer, blush, highlighter, setting spray, lipstick, hair spray, etc. It is necessary to use quality products as you are getting ready for your big day. Jewelry and products that are not up to quality would not last long during the wedding events. So, double check the quality before adding them to your bag.

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