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Ancient History Of Handmade Jewellery That You Must Know


Handmade Jewellery was popular even in the ancient days. In the earlier days, some natural materials like shell, animal teeth, and bones were mainly used for making jewellery. In the past, there was no machinery to manufacture jewels, and it was only handmade. Skilled artisans and jewelry making professionals crafted the antique handmade jewelry. Here you would know about the ancient history of handmade jewelry.

Symbol Of Status
In the ancient days wearing handmade jewelry is considered as a symbol of status. In Egypt and China, handmade jewelry was a sign of rank. It was believed that only rich people could own handmade jewellery as it was expensive. This is because the raw materials used for the making of handmade jewellery were quite expensive.

Religious Element
In ancient days the handmade jewellery was considered as a sacred element in several temples and historic buildings. It was used as a decorative element for deities in temples. Valuable handmade jewellery was used for religious purposes in ancient days

Precious Jewellery
Handmade jewellery was once made up of natural materials, and later it was only made up of rare materials. Thus handmade jewellery was considered as precious jewellery. Mostly handmade jewellery was made up of expensive metals like gold, silver, platinum and precious stones, gems, etc. Thus the handcrafted jewellery is expensive

Unmatched Quality
Handmade jewellery of the past was known for its quality and exquisite design. Craftsman exhibit their skills in the making of unique handmade jewellery. The raw materials were carefully chosen, and thus, the quality of handmade jewellery cannot be compared with the new modern jewellery. The artisans crafted handmade jewellery by offering attention to the finest detail of the jewellery.
The following are the types of handmade jewellery that were popular in the ancient days
Kundan Jewellery
This is one of the oldest types of handmade jewellery that is widely popular even today. The jewellery design is based on art kundankari. Both stonework and minakari work is done in this type of jewellery. The specialty of this handmade jewellery is that surfaces on both sides look beautiful. 
Ancient Earrings
Jadua Jewellery
This is a traditional form of jewellery which was popular with Mughals. This handmade jewellery is the proof for the craftsmanship of jewellery makers. Precious stones, gems, beads, etc. were in making this traditional handmade jewellery.
Gold Jewellery
Women than men mostly use this ancient handmade jewellery. Gold is used for making adorable jewels, and it can be used as salvage during financial crisis. It is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. The handmade jewel is user-friendly, and it is a fashion trend even today.
Bead Jewellery
This type of handmade jewellery was prevalent before five thousand years. This type of jewellery was made of various kinds of precious metals.
Pachchikam Jewellery
In this type of traditional jewellery, stones, gems, and precious metal are combined to make this unique jewellery. This type of handmade jewellery is known for its creativity. This type of jewellery belongs to Gujarat and Kutch region.
The above are some of the traditional significances of handmade jewellery and some of the types of ancient handmade jewellery.


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